The MiiA Family of robots encourages anyone and everyone to safely dive into the realms of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, MATHEMATICS and INNOVATION, or STEMI, by providing the opportunity to build your very own robot from start to finish! This involves the following:

  • Building the physical structure of the robot,
  • Wiring the electronic circuit that lives inside the robot, and
  • Programming a micro-controller to give life to your robot.

Building the MiiA Robots

One of the key features of the MiiA Family of robots is that it’s a complete ​build-it-yourself platform. The assembly is engaging and intuitive. Click here​ for a glimpse at the Assembly Instructions.

Assembly Instructions


The MiiA Family of robots can be programmed in one of two ways:

  • Using the LoFi Blocks Application, that can be found ​here​, which provides a simple to grasp drag-and-drop based environment for those new to programming.
  • Using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment, found ​here ​, which provides a more advanced environment in which to experiment and explore the ​C Programming Language.

For the keen and brave! Don’t be afraid to explore the world of Arduino by re-programming your MiiA Robot. We provide the default programs for the MiiA Family in our GitHub repository along with a Getting Started Guide for using the Arduino Environment.


While we encourage unsupervised exploration of robotics and coding using the MiiA Family, we’ve also taken the time to develop a complete curriculum that explores programming, electronics and robotics!

This curriculum is neatly packaged in a simple to use Mobile Application that is currently available ​​here​ ​for the Android platform. This app encourages self-learning and exploration of the concepts in question and provides a good entry point for newcomers.

This curriculum is offered as an additional service. For access to this, please contact us!

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