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The MiiA.bit Robot, our flagship offering, is a build-it-yourself robotics platform that serves as an exciting introduction to the worlds of programming and electronics by allowing you to get your hands dirty with robotics! 

MiiA.bit is a friendly rover-like robot capable of driving, dancing, buzzing, avoiding obstacles and much, much more! 


  • Build-it-yourself robot
    • Easy to assembly structure in the form of a 3D Puzzle
    • Custom controller Board for simple connection of various motors, sensors and other electronic components
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery so the fun and learning can last longer! The battery is recharged using your normal smartphone charger (micro USB based), so you never have to worry about expensive batteries, connectors or cables!
  • The MiiA.bit robot is one tough cookie! It’s robust and rugged and ready to be explored!
  • Compatible with a wide range of different and exciting sensors. Support for existing and new sensors are continuously updated ensuring that your robot evolves with you and the times!
  • Connect seamlessly with your Android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet, via Bluetooth, and learn to program using our very own, easy-to-learn programming app: MiiCode
  • MiiA.bit is designed to upgradable! Using the MiiExpansion Pack and MiiGripper Packs you can expand your MiiA.bit to bring your wildest ideas to life!
  • MiiA.bit is designed for beginners and more experienced coders alike. Program your robot in three different ways:
    • Block-based programming for a gentle introduction to programming – anyone can code!
    • Using our Python API – you’re on your way to becoming a real programmer!
    • Using the  Arduino Programming Environment – you’ve now got direct access to the brain powering your robot!
  • Become part of a growing, global community of makers and coders!
  • Recommended for learners aged 13+

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