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RD9 Solutions is a technology innovation company with the vision of employing technology, science, and engineering to develop innovative solutions to a variety of problems.

Currently, RD9 is focusing its energy in EdTech (Educational Technology) by embarking on a project aiming to introduce a low-cost DIY robotics platform to be used as a learning and teaching tool for electronics and programming.

RD9 was founded by two engineers hailing from the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Ridhaa Benefeld has his BSc Eng in Mechatronics and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Information Technology, specialising in Big Data, at the University of Pretoria. One of his many passions is to introduce as many individuals as possible to the exciting world of robotics and programming.

Tyrone van Balla obtained his BSc Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is in the process of obtaining his MSc in Engineering, also at UCT, through his research involving cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and Big Data. Tyrone is passionate about problem-solving – both his ability to problem solve, as well as the critical life skill that is often overlooked in traditional education regimes.

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